Liquid Applied Coating Systems in Tyler, TX

Liquid applied coatings are a great option for the property owners who wants to add 30 yrs of life to their metal or rubber roof at 1/3rd the cost! It consists of one or multiple layers of Elastomeric waterproofing material sprayed on top of your existing roof, sealing it and stopping leaks.

These industrial coating systems provides a Thermal Barrier to reflect heat and decrease utility costs up to 30% all while stopping and preventing future leaks.

The coating system protects the original substrate from UV damage and help reflect radiant heat as well as insulate the from outside temps.

All metal roofing will get a large amount of sealant on each fastener and seams to seal those old rubber screw washers. If rust is present, an extra step is taken to inhibit the corrosion and prime over to create a perfect surface for the top coat.

Liquid applied coatings are a great way to protect your property from the elements. By applying a liquid coating to your property, you can keep your Metal, Modified Bitumen, TPO, EPDM, or any rubber/metal surface looking new for longer and give lasting protection from all weather conditions.

Location: Tyler, TX

Call: 903-505-5720


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